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Narrate and quantify the demands
on your department and instantly
share that information to make
better informed decisions.

Quickly enter or view logs and structured situation reports with
real time local performance indicators.


CEM Books is designed to allow teams to better
understand the causal factors that drive performance,
 patient satisfaction and a safe effective service.

Engage Staff

Tagging & Customisation

Staff can quickly view and create logs and reports, engaging each other and creating situational awareness.
The entire team and management structure is plugged into the narrative of the department irrespective of time and place.

Customised tags and weightings correlate staff generated narratives directly to trust KPI's and departmental escalation plans.
Hard tags condense and categorise narratives to reveal hidden themes and better target important issues.

Friends & Family

Drive Handover

A fully integrated friends and family system allows direct correlation of patient experience to staff, their teams, time of day, departmental dependency or any other KPI.

Structured hand over using both trust KPI's and RCEM approved ABCDE format helps focus and formalise the handover process.
CEM Books handover improves patient safety, provides end user value and meets all governance requirements

Escalation & Sharing


Relevant information is intelligently shared horizontally and escalated vertically across the organisation allowing all relevant team members to see and respond to in real time.

Notifications are sent as in app push messages, emails or text messages. Staff tailor which notifications they receive.

Intelligent Analysis

KPI's can be visualised by Hour, Day, Week or Month.
Themes can be searched for departmental factors that may have contributed to a patient's episode of care can be identified.

Immediate up to date access to all your relevant departmental phone numbers for all staff, saving you time and money.

Instantly shared departmental
phone book

Search using keywords


Forego the need for landlines & repeated calls to switchboard


Create a personalised favourites list




Drive compliance by providing truly intuitive and instant access to current relevant departmental policies.

Rule Book has an inbuilt
governance structure with clear ownership & expiration dates.

Exportability drives compliance and continuity of care.

Search using keywords and tags



Instant personal access to relevant internal and external websites to drive operational compliance.

Provide a mobile repository of approved web links for staff, leverage your intranet

Search using keywords and tags


Create personalised favourites lists



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Bradford Teaching Hospitals.

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